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An entertaining education for young and old!

Here in our world famous Honey Farm you can stand and watch these wild and wonderful creatures from the distant past.
The unique design of the indoor apiary allows close up viewing in complete safety. The glass booths expose the working colonies of honeybees without interfering with their natural lifestyle.
Founded in 1949 the farm has grown over the years until today it is the largest honey farm in the country. The large exhibition halls were added in 1980 when the farm moved to it's current site.

Bees living in a postbox

Here at the heart of the operation you can closely observe the honeybee colonies, which have taken over a modern chimney,
a postbox, roof cavities, straw skeps as well as their ancient homes - hollow trees and bushes. Other hives within the Exhibition are designed to open at the press of a button. These innovative designs are acknowledged by experts to lead the world in easy viewing of the most interesting and productive insect the world has got to offer.
You can view the complete story of honey production and beeswax from the hive to the finished product.

School visits

Now a stream of visitors as well as schools and other organised parties study the bees working and living inside their hives as well as seeing the whole process of honey production from hive to jar.

Long before man set foot on this planet, honeybees lived and thrived, working the plants the dinosaurs ate. They remain unchanged today although man has harnessed their constant activity to his advantage.

Bees under a magnifying glass

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